Commemorating the Circassian Tragedy

Commemorating the Circassian Tragedy

By: Adel Bashqawi

21 May, 2020


In the midst of facing Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, which has affected countless activities across the world, this rare phenomena affects global and local human interaction Circassian activities. That will affirm Circassian cohesion and coherence despite all obstacles. Apparently, interactions will not be held this year in multiple regions of the sprawling Circassian world. This will make commemorating the Memorial Day limited to the virtual aspect. Communication between activists via the Internet and Social Media, will confirm the reality of electronic contact via information and communication technologies.

As long as the various issues of the Circassian Question are not solved,  the Circassians will go on demanding to assert and restore the legitimate and inalienable rights of the Circassian nation, no matter how long time that will take. The elapse of 156 years since the end of the Russian-Circassian War on 21 May, 1864, have made the present generations of Circassian societies both in the homeland in the North Caucasus and in Diaspora and alienation countries, to better realize and comprehend the real dangers and challenges. The nature of the current situation has obligated them to  reorganize themselves and their ranks for the purpose of prioritizing and uniting future efforts and goals.

All indications and acquisitive actions demonstrate that the essence of Russian politics has not changed since the imperial era. Thus, all signs indicate that stubbornness and obstinacy are the standard operating procedures that the consecutive Russian governments operate under. Unfortunately, the Russian state still ignores humanitarian standards, fundamentals of justice and the basic principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. (

Proven experience has shown that Circassians and the other peoples of the Caucasus who seek to restore their legitimate rights have collided with stubbornness in the other side. They didn’t succeed due to the intransigence of the Russian state that keeps pursuing a condescending policy. It intends to hold a referendum on constitutional changes, which aims to the Russification of all peoples that are supposedly equal partner members of what is described a federalism. The intention is to make other national languages come in a lower rank than the Russian language. In addition, the rights acquired for the multiple nationalities will be degraded by the articles of the Russian constitution that they seek to change, which relate to the fundamental rights of non-Russian peoples and nations.

Circassians do not have a dream, but a mission of overriding and/or overcoming all the difficulties and obstacles that are placed on the way of restoring the Circassian rights, regardless of the source. All evidence indicates that the prejudicial, inequitable and unfair Russian colonial strategy regarding the ethnic integration of peoples and nations that have been subjugated to Russia with iron and fire.

The nation will traverse all the difficulties it encounters in its path or that others intentionally set, but whatever the circumstances and conditions, the march will continue to restore the usurped rights. “I never lose. I either win or learn.” (Nelson Mandela)

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