Sochi and Yerevan Analysis

Sochi and Yerevan Analysis

14 February 2016


Co-authoring: Adel Bashqawi and Garegin Nalbandian

Geopolitical Club – Los Angeles 

Many people probably remember the 2014 Winter Olympics, and have seen the Olympic Complex in Sochi, where the Winter Olympic Games took place. However, not many people know about the fact that Russia specifically chose that part of Sochi, where the Circassians regard as a sacred place because many Circassians, who were fleeing from the ethnic cleansing, were killed there by the Russian Army.

Turkey did not oppose the Winter Olympics in Sochi, where many Turkish investors and construction companies participated in building the Olympic structures, and saw it as an opportunity to make money. Erdogan personally attended the opening ceremony and part of the games, just to keep warm relations between Russia and Turkey. Unfortunately, some pro-Russian Circassian businessmen from Turkey also participated in the construction of the resorts, hotels, and other facilities for the Sochi Olympics. One of those hotels was the Marriott Hotel in Sochi.

At that time Erdogan had no problems with Putin or with Russia, and as “Money Talks”, they announced that they had mutual business deals worth tens of billions of Dollars.

Putin’s visit to Ankara in 2014, and his visit to Ataturk’s tomb during his visit, was a preparation and cover-up for his visit to Armenia, instead of Turkey on April 24, 2015, but of course, that was probably the start of Erdogan’s politics with Putin and Turkey’s cautious relations with Russia.

Putin wanted to rant-show Armenians his support and protection, in order to keep that country hostage to his regional plans and deals, in order to keep Armenia under Russia’s control and Armenians assimilated, as per his preferences, and at the same time, prevent any Circassian-Armenian direct contacts, the same way it happened between the Circassians and Georgians.

Last April, when the world was commemorating the 100 years of the Armenian Genocide, many Circassians have felt with the Armenians, and many Circassians expressed their positive feelings about that; however, Vladimir Putin poisoned the atmosphere when he travelled to Yerevan and played a cunning role. So many Circassians were annoyed to see Putin push his agenda using the Armenian Genocide.

Putin went to Armenia in April, 2015; however, his visit was to meet with the Presidents and the elites of other countries who also went to Armenia. It was a political networking event for him. In his speech Putin mentioned the word genocide, not as Armenian Genocide, but as Russia’s involvement to “prevent genocides.”

There was and there is genocide everywhere Russia was involved in. Russians passed through here, where used to be a village, is a common phrase in the Caucasus. Armenians have the same saying about the Turks.

Russia announced celebrating the Den’ Krasnoi Polyany (Red Prairie Day) on May 21st this year. For those, who know nothing about the May 21st, it is an important day for the Circassian people. May  21st is the day all Circassians mourn the deaths of the Circassian Genocide victims. The terms Krasnaya Polyana, Krasnodar, and anything that is associated with the color red is associated with blood; in this case, the Circassian blood.

May 21st for Circassians is like the April 24th for Armenians.

Ironically, the Turks changed their celebration of Gallipoli to April 24th in 2015.

The same way we find similarities when comparing the Armenians and the Circassians, we can also find similarities when comparing the Russians and the Turks.

Both Russians and Turks are mix of Tatars. Russians are Muscovites mixed with Tatars, who in the past attacked and destroyed the Russian kingdoms of Novgorod, Suzdal, Yaroslavl, Kiev, Tver’ and others. The term Russian did not exist until 1547. They chose the name Russia and Russians to pose themselves as natives of the land. The first Muscovite Royal Dynasty were the Rurik Dynasty. Rurik was the leader of the Byzantine Varangian (Vayrag) Guards. The population in Turkey is also a mix of Byzantines and Tatars. Thus, it is only natural that Russia, Byzantium, and the Golden Horde, all used the double headed eagle as their symbol.

In conclusion, the recent “rivalry” between Russia and Turkey demonstrates a theatrical written by the same “screenwriter” to cover-up the main agenda, which is the transfer of power and control from Russia (the Muscovite Golden Horde) to Turkey (Byzantium). Let’s not give in to emotions, and let’s analyze the facts. If we allow the evil win, the entire Caucasus, the Middle East, and possibly the entire world, will be in war, World War III, which may have already started, does not have to spread. Together we can put off the fire. It’s not about religion. It’s about good and evil. Please side with the good by preventing wars and by promoting peace. Stop future genocides because it’s the right thing to do.


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